6nUp Podcast Episode 3

In Episode 3 Mike goes solo on the mic and covers the latest news and other topics including: The unveiling of the PSP2 (NGP), Duke Nukem Forever’s impending release date, Fox News takes on BulletStorm, a retro review of ‘Metroid Zero Mission’ and much much more. Take a listen and leave us a comment.

About Michael "Tebroc" Corbett

According to Mike's memory banks, his first experience with video games happened in 1981 on his brother Jim's Atari VCS - CX2600. (Mike is unsure of whether or not it was a Sunnyvale Edition.) Asteroids and Defender were his favorite games. Fast-forward 20 some years and he has gone on to save the princess but not any money. He never learned to read but now writes articles using speech-to-text technology. Awesome.