Poker with Bob Review

There are certain niche genres of video games that I feel deserve to be reviewed by someone who is well versed in that particular ilk of game. When it comes to simulating games of the paper stock variety, I would consider myself a “noob” as I’ve had no prior history with say, the game of ‘5 Draw Poker’. That said, perhaps the uninitiated player is what developer ‘Scary Robot Productions’ is aiming for on their first release for the casual gaming device.

Having had no idea how to even play poker, I was prepared for a long haul. Boy was I wrong. The tutorial that’s selectable from the main menu had me playing within a few minutes. The instructions were short and clear. A step-by-step sample hand rounded out the primer. Not sure if you have a good hand? Simply pause the game and bring up a cheat sheet that shows “One Pair” all the way up through a “Royal Flush”. It’s so easy to execute, but of course there is lot more nuance to the game once you get into it.

‘Poker with Bob’ distinguishes itself from all the other games of poker that I have ignored in the iTunes Store by adding character to the game. That character is of course named Bob. Animated in full 3D, Bob is one of the most lively computer controlled opponents I’ve ever interacted with in a game. Sitting across the felt table, Bob deals the cards and makes the calls with perfectly lip synced speech. Bob’s gruff voice is a perfect fit for his large, oafish appearance and cocky demeanor. ‘Scary Robot Productions’ did a great job balancing the character as he easily could have been overly annoying in less talented hands. Lose all your money to him though and you’ll be ready to win back your chips as he laughs and taunts. It’s perfect.

In addition to playing Bob, there is a multi-player component that works via Bluetooth. Unfortunately I was not able to try that out. High scores are also saved such as: “the total number of wins”, “fewest hands played”, and “biggest in-the-hole comeback”. There are 5 levels of play, each with increased difficulty and higher steaks. Additionally the setting and Bob’s clothing receive some upgrades.

Finally, to test my feeling about ‘Poker with Bob’, I handed it over to my wife also shares the same background with card games as I. Within minutes she was surprised to be playing and having a good time with it. While neither of us will probably ever become “card sharks”, I will bet you that not only will this game stay on my iPod Touch, I’ll also be keeping an eye out for what game this developer does next.

Rated 12+ for the following:

  • Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
  • Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling

Author Note: I certainly agree with the rating of the game as it’s probably a good idea to not encourage young people to gamble, simulated or not, as it could serve to be a “gateway drug”.

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