6nUp Podcast Episode 4

In Episode 4 Drew makes his return from afar and forgets to press record. Also our “What we’ve been playing” segment plus reviews of ‘Poker with Bob’ and ‘Volcano Escape’ for iOS. We also discuss Zelda’s 25th anniversary as well as the controversial ‘Dead Space 2’ TV commercial.

About Michael "Tebroc" Corbett

According to Mike's memory banks, his first experience with video games happened in 1981 on his brother Jim's Atari VCS - CX2600. (Mike is unsure of whether or not it was a Sunnyvale Edition.) Asteroids and Defender were his favorite games. Fast-forward 20 some years and he has gone on to save the princess but not any money. He never learned to read but now writes articles using speech-to-text technology. Awesome.