Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Quick Review

There’s still time to purchase the latest Humble Bundle, and I suggest you jump on it pronto. I’ve spent the last week playing through this bundle and like the bundles before it, the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle is well worth some of your gaming budget. Below are just a few reasons why:

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle collects three completed games and two in-development projects. The in-development games will be made available to purchasers of the bundle when they are finished. Shadowgrounds, SG: Survivor, Trine, and the demo of Jack Claw each provide unique and interesting gameplay in themselves. Each subsequent game shows improvements across the board, not just the obvious graphical changes. Increasingly polished writing, stronger voice acting, and intuitive controls demonstrate the growth of Frozenbyte as a talented developer to watch.

Mini Reviews:
Shadowgrounds – This sci-fi survival-horror isometric-shooter approaches the “alien bug swarm invasion” trope. Straightforward controls and well balanced use of lighting in level design show promise, even though the voice acting and graphics come up short.

Shadowgrounds: Survivor – Updated graphics and improved audio engineering make this sequel a more engaging continuation of the Shadowgrounds franchise.

Trine – A refreshingly original fantasy side scrolling adventure with great writing and solid voice acting make this title alone worth purchasing the entire bundle. Check out our full review of this title for more detail.

Jack Claw – A level sized demo reveals the basic premise and gameplay of Jack Claw. The  gameplay seems to center around destroying environmental objectives and enemies by throwing vehicles and other set pieces with a huge metal claw a la Dr. Octopuss.

Splot – This game currently does not have a demo, but Frozenbyte promises Bundle buyers an advanced copy when it is ready.

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