Family Games Fun is Free for a Limited Time for Apple® iPhoneTM and iPad®

In advance of the upcoming update, which will include Game Centre support, Family Games Fun is Free until July 12th!

Icon Games Entertainment is delighted to announce that its timeless favourite title, Family Games Fun, for Apple® iPhone™ and iPad® is now free until July 12th, 2011. Check it out at for the iPhone version (with Retina support), and for the HD iPad version.

Recreating the classics with several family favourites, Family Games Fun takes players back in time, inspiring endless hours of fun for gamers of all ages. Family Games Fun is the only collection of family friendly games you will ever need!

Enjoy absolute classics such as Battleships (Battle Fleet), Connect 4 (4 In-A-Row), Hangman and more, all in one game. Hours of fun to be had with this colourful, rewarding take on your all-time favourite games:

Family Games Fun Features:

  • Eight classic games to choose from, including Battle Fleet, Noughts & Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe), Matchsticks, Squares (Dots), 4 In-A-Row, Nine Men’s Morris (Mill), Hangman, and Safe Cracker
  • Various game modes and settings so players can customize their very own gaming experience
  • Tournament mode allows for up to four players to participate, making this a game the whole family can enjoy together
  • Over 20 gameplay achievements for players to unlock!

Family Games Fun is available now on the iTunes App Store for free and can be found here:

The HD version of the game can be found here: (

For any additional information about Family Games Fun please visit:

For information on Icon Games Entertainment visit:

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