Pre-Christmas Freebies

With the anniversary celebration of Street Fighter coming to a close and the 25th anniversary of the Megaman series kicking off, Capcom has released a free mash-up of the two licenses that sees megaman fighting the iconic characters from Street Fighter as the stage bosses. The server has been hit pretty hard but keep trying.

Another game for iOS that will be free for a limited time is Kingdom Rush. From the horses mouth: “It’s one of the best tower defense games you can play: 89 on Metacritic, countless App of the Year awards, and #1 Overall Paid App in 30+ countries.
It’s addictive, polished, and fun for newbies and experienced players alike. And it’s going free for a limited time only, staring Tuesday the 18th. [App Store link, official website]”

I’ll be sure to check it out tomorrow for sure.

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