6nUp is the brain child of Kristopher “Drew” Saxton and Michael “Tebroc” Corbett. Brewing in the back of their minds since the summer of 2007, Mike and Drew have pursued a number of passions but have always found themselves going back to their original 6nUp ideas.

6nUp (Six and Up) was coined when we were looking for a domain that would help to sum up the target gaming demographic that we are most interested in. That being the ESRB’s rating of “E for Everyone”. By their definition, the rating of “E” includes everyone ages six and up. While we both play and enjoy games that do not fall into that rating, we intend to focus primarily on content that is appropriate for gamers of any age. Our goal with 6nUp is to provide insights into games to help adults make informed selections for children as well as provide a fresh perspective for gamers.

If you would like to contribute any editorials or reviews to 6nup.com, we’d love to have your help. Please email us your submission along with your name and age. We do reserve the right to modify your article or decline to post it on the site for any reason. We are fair though so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

About Mike:
In 1981, Mike was introduced to the Atari 2600 VCS by his brother Jim. His life would never be the same. Before the state of Florida forced Mike into enrolling into the public educational system, he began honing his skills in Asteroids and Defender. Mike’s dad proudly recorded his son’s highest scores on the refrigerator. Life was good.Thirty years later Mike has acquired another Atari 2600 VCS and has recently restored the allusive Atari 7800 Pro System. Along his life journey, Mike bestowed himself with the gamer name “Tebroc”, created the first true perpetual motion machine, and has acquired more games than he would ever have time to play. (At least two of those statements are true.) Today he is a husband to the world’s most awesome wife and a father to a daughter that amazes him on a daily basis. Mike’s high scores are now saved digitally and he is sure that his dad would still be proud. Life remains good.
About Jared:
Content coming soon…
About Drew:
A fateful family gift of a Commodore 64 in his much younger days sparked Drew’s interest in games long ago.  Drew attended Gannon University where his mix of classes across the psychology, English, archaeology, and computer science departments baffled faculty, friends, and family. Little did they know each seemingly random class was secretly equipping Drew to better understand game design and storytelling. Now he’s ready to subject you to his completely unwarranted gaming opinions and advice. Lucky you!

About the Author

According to Mike's memory banks, his first experience with video games happened in 1981 on his brother Jim's Atari VCS - CX2600. (Mike is unsure of whether or not it was a Sunnyvale Edition.) Asteroids and Defender were his favorite games. Fast-forward 20 some years and he has gone on to save the princess but not any money. He never learned to read but now writes articles using speech-to-text technology. Awesome.